Idroexpert Spa was founded in 2005 by a group of experts, with years of experience in dealing with Italian wholesalers, to deliver a highly specialized logistics service and advanced computerized technologies.

Establishing a partnership with Idroexpert means lower distribution costs, access to both 50.000 items to choose from and a customized catalog, but also a significant decrease (up to 50%) in inventory and no overstock at the end of the year.

The logistics warehouse is located in Italy and its distribution platforms provide services on a daily basis: every customer can check for availability and place orders 24/7. For customers, one of the most important benefits of dealing with Idroexpert is the fact that it offers many important international brands under one roof.

Given the extensiveness of the Italian distribution industry, most retailers are faced with enormous costs for frequent deliveries: express delivery is essential on today’s market. There is no membership fee and our partners pay no more than what the producer would charge them.

Idroexpert Group has more than 400 wholesale partners throughout Italy and San Marino, but also owns and directly manages a certain number of retail shops; with a total turnover exceeding 160 million € (2018).


Idroexpert Group owns and manages 38 retail stores and 14 showrooms, in the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Umbria, which enjoy the same benefits as their affiliates, including frequent supplies from the main logistics warehouse. Such a widespread presence – along with a team of experienced professionals – is able to meet the needs of all customers, whether a plumber, a technical studio expert, a wholesaler or a private consumer. With more than 310 employees, these stores serve as many as 15,000 customers daily and are divided into three subsidiary companies; respectively named Idros. Art & Bozzola S.p.A., CRM S.p.A. and Idraulica Emiliana S.p.A. Some of them date back to 1910, before being acquired by Idroexpert S.p.A.; each of these names is denoted by a particular territorial history and successful track.


The group works with more than 300 suppliers, including all leading producers. It provides bathroom appliances, boilers, solar systems, cooling, underfloor systems, insulation systems, heat sinks, tiles and coatings, taps, drains, fittings, urinals, shower stalls, systems for disabled users, safety tools, flue systems, valves, fire prevention devices, water and air treatments, led lighting, gardening and ironmongery. Moreover, the company has established partnerships with wholesalers from other industries to differentiate their offer. Idroexpert also developed a number of private labels that are sold worldwide and that can only be purchased from the company or one of its affiliates. Here is a brief list of the group’s brands and web portals.


In order to promote its trademarks, the group is always present at the most important exhibitions of the industry, including: Coverings (USA), Cersaie (Italy) and Expocomfort (Italy). Each company is available online via its own website, mobile applications and social media networks. Tilexpert, a private label conceived for the Italian market only and CRZ64, which is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide, are also noteworthy for their high quality tiles and coverings. IdroStock is the Internet portal that target end users directly. Last, but not least, Idroexpert Group is one of the founding members of the SGI Group: a consortium aimed to provide services to suppliers in order to generate more purchasing power. Currently based in Bologna (Italy), it is composed of the main players of the Italian distribution industry; with a total turn-over that exceeded 600 millions € in 2018.